Monday, 5 December 2016


                                                                   PLAN ABOUT CAMP

  • Didn’t like:
  • I did not like it when we went on to chaddy's charters boat because I felt sick

  • Did like:
  • What I did like about camp was the confidence course and going swimming at hawera pools
  • My favourite part was when we went to tahiti museum and went on the boat ride and the funny part was when I opened the door and this guy was reading a newspaper and he was also on the loo. Funny  What I liked about camp was everything but except for the big bush walk around the lake

  • What I want to happen next camp: I really won’t it to be the same even no I won't be there next year.
Getting ready to leave school  and heading to Hawera pools!
P1. On Tuesday we went to school and put all our bags full of cloths and towels etc on the bus. Once we were all done all 5 pupils went to Mary’s car and Mary drove us to Hawera and we had a quick toilet stop at the public toilets in Patea. Once we saw Gina drive into the carpark to go to the toilet we saw the bus go passed. 2 Minutes later we get there and we saw a school so when I turned around and I saw a whole group of pupils come running out from the bush door I said to Mary. "Look, they're running to us," and when I said hi they walked into another bus so that's when we al realized that it was not our school. So we went back into the car and drove to the other side of Hawera pools.

Waiting,swimming and the park!!
P2. While we were waiting we were just playing until we all saw our classroom teachers so we all ran up to the teachers and our friends .It was amazing. After that Miss Davenport went to go check if we were on time. We went in and we put our hydroslide band on so they know that we're going on the slide . When we finished getting our bands on we went to go change into our togs in the changing rooms. At first Miss Davenport and Miss Robertson had a little talk to us about the rules in Hawera pools. Once they finished I went on the hydroslide first then the lady went through the rules with us so we know what to do just incase we bump into someone. After that I went to the 1.5 end of the pool and then I swam all the way to the other end of the pool which was the 2.1 end of the pool. Then we went to the park next to the pools. It was so cool, and we also had lunch at the park . When everyone finished they all ran to the swings,bars and the big swing that you can relax in. Wow!!

What I did like and what I didn't like!!
P3: I did not like it when we went on to Chaddy,s boat because each time I go on a boat I feel sick and half happy most of the time.What I did like about camp was the confidence course and going swimming at Hawera pools. My favourite part was when we went to Tawhiti Museum and went on the boat ride and the funny part was when I opened the door and this guy was reading a newspaper and he was also on the loo. Funny.Everything was good, except for the big bush walk around the lake.
What I want to happen next time is to be the same, and at the same place. The reason why was because their food was amazing!!

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Thursday, 27 October 2016


On Monday Rm 14 went for a bug hunt.We found all kinds of bugs and insects like Rolly Polly's, Lady Bugs, Worms etc. Here is some awesome info I found about my bug. It’s a ladybug.
This bug has 3 eyes and it has 6  really skinny legs. It’s small. It also has a small head  and it has black spots on its body. For example red and black and also blue and black. This is the cool part that it is a wishing ladybug Cool!. Sometimes ladybugs can play dead around other creatures and predictors. This bug has hair under its body.
This bug is a plant eating bug. It sometimes eats the sack from trees. This is what I put in for what they do like eating and what they don’t like eating.They eat vegetables like: small pieces of cabbage, small pieces of tomatoes. This bug does not like dirt. This bug is allergic to different types of fruit like strawberries and blueberries.
This bug lives in a garden so they can grow . They sometimes sleep on leaves. they also live in trees. They can blend in with some stuff.Under the ladybug it has a black stomach.            

So that is what I learnt about a ladybug it was really fun and interesting. My Favourite part about blue ladybugs was that they are wishing ladybugs. So that is what kind of amazing info I have found out about blue and red ladybugs.   

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

T3 W2 reflection

What: Today we started performing our plays. We split up into groups then we practiced until we were ready. The teacher picked the groups that were starting first. For Maths Rm14 we were learning about patterns and sequential patterns. First we did the groups together .We also had Ms O'conner come and talk to us about loads of stuff and she also read us a book about Flanimals.

So What: My favourite part of this week is doing line dancing. The reason why I think it's my favourite part is because it's fun and you can learn the actions from the videos.

Now what: My goal for next week is to finish off all my work Asap.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

T2 W8 Reflection


 What: On Monday we did assembly in front of the whole school. Also, Me and Logan go to Mr Cannon every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we do Maths and on Thursdays we play a math game. On Tuesday we also watched a video clip about Recycling. We also wrote a description about Recycling. On Tuesday we made Paper stars.
So What: I learnt how to use units in my prove it to move it for measuring and last week on Thursday we played dodgeball, facing Rm 1&2.
Now What: My goal for next week is to persist and do my work in the time given. 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Crazy World Of Science.

                                                                Date: 16.6.16

Yesterday at Carlton school there was a show that called the Crazy world of Science. The person running the show was Richard. Richard is a Scientist and a Magician. In the hall he did a lot of crazy science and crazy magic. My favourite part was when Richard hypnotized nearly the whole school. So first he told the school to look at the hypnotizing wheel, so we did, then Richard told us to look at the wheel for  30 seconds then told us to look at his face and Richards face went big and sort of small. Richard told us to say bigger then everyone said BIGGER, loudly, then he brought out a toilet paper holder and everyone in the school was laughing at the toilet paper holder. Richard pointed the toilet paper roll at the roof and pushed the button and all the toilet paper went everywhere. Now that's Science and magic.    

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Reflection T2W4

What: On Monday we had a special assembly  to welcome the education people in Carlton School. In rm 14 we have been doing Hot and cold trees This is what we had to do : we used  hot and cold colours to replicate a piece for work. Learning about hot and cold colours to create a tree starting from cold colours moving into hot colours using paint. We have also been doing fairytale stories to change and fix them. I wrote my story about the Three Bears and I fixed the story up. 

So what: Last week and this week Me and the whole class have been learning Te reo moari and our mihimihi. We have also been doing He Patiki, which is a flounder or the flounder .We did Korus and we added other patterns to the flounder.We have also been doing Kowhaiwhai patterns with the class.

Now what: My Goal is to get my working levels up to high standard?